Logbook Loans – What Are The Risks?

A logbook loan is essentially a secured loan where if you need a loan you can secure it against your car as opposed to your home which is usually your greatest and most valued asset and more devastating if it were to be reclaimed. If you are planning on taking out a logbook loans you can usually borrow a significant amount of money, sometimes up to £50,000 which can seriously help you out if you can’t afford to make other repayments and pay your bills. Logbook loans are useful if in the past you have had problems with receiving loans elsewhere due to bad credit history or CCJs as most lenders will not check your credit rating. Most logbook loan companies will accept your application for a loan and funds can be with you quickly and securely.

Getting a logbook loan is fast and easy however there are evidently risks involved with such a loan. If you struggle financially and have difficulties managing your finances especially making loan repayments then you must think carefully about committing to taking out a logbook loan. As mentioned previously logbook loans are secured against your car which is beneficial in some ways but very risky in others. You stand to lose your car if you fail to make your repayments to the lender or loan provider. It is advised that before you agree to a logbook loan you are sure that when it comes to it you will have sufficient funds to repay the loan so that you don’t find yourself facing more financial issues.

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